About Nrityakunjan

was established on the auspicious day of Dassehra 10th October 1989 in Baroda Gujarat , to promote Pt. Birju Maharaj jee ‘ s Lucknow Tradition of Kathak , by smt. Jayshree Jangam.

After a long span of 16 year in Baroda , Jayashree returned back to her pavilion with the same enthusiasm and strong ambition , in 2004. She has been teaching continuously along with conducting workshops organizing lecture- demonstrations of various artistes , annual program of dance class to motivate her students .

Nrityakunjan insists on Solo form of Kathak. In order to highlight this feature ‘Nrityakunjan celebrates its Foundation Day i.e. 10th October as to give platform to young students from the school. These budding talents will definitely prove themselves as a promising soloist in feature .

Nrityakunjan’s another faculty known as “Nrityakathika” is a production unit where new ideas are worked out. Not only traditional but also abstract numbers or offbeat themes are worked out as a challenge e. g. Earth and Heaven, Moods of Nature, Raas – Manjira whereas Paranmala, Samanvay of 14 beats, Chaturang, Vasant – Vasantika , Anand Tarang , Malhar ki Nayika , etc. speak of traditional choreography .

Journey of Nrityakunjan since 1989

Various events organized by Nrityakunjan in Baroda :

  • Annual program of students followed by a solo recital of Ms. Sumukhi Kulkarni , a student and daughter of Smt Sanjeevani Kulkarni , kalanand ,Nashik in 1998
  • Annual program of students followed by a solo recital of Ms Rashmi Jangam, a student of Guru Prabhatai Marathe, Kalachhaya, Pune in 2000
  • Annual program of students followed by a solo recital of Shruti shukla a daughter and student of Guru Munnalal Shuklaji , Delhi in 2002


Events organized by Nrityakunjan in Pune since 2004

  • Summer camps were held from 2006 to 2010 along with other teachers at Nrityakunjan.
  • ‘ five Soloist ‘ was presented by the students of different levels In October 2012.

Lecture- Demonstration

Conducted by various artistes at Nrrityakunjan , thus

  • Tabla by shri Bharat jangam – February 2009
  • Sitar by Mrs Jyoti Thakar –- August 2009
  • Manipuri by Shri Aritro Das – January2010
  • Odissi by Mrs. Preeti Mastakar – October 2010
  • kirtan by Mrs Jyoti Kirpekar – February 2011
  • Flok Theatre by Lt Sumati Gavimath – November 2011
  • ”Baithak” –A fine nuances of Bhaav Abhinaya was presented by smt Savita Godbole – August 2012 (a senior disciple of Guru Pt. Lacchhu Maharaj jee)
  • A dynamic solo recital was given by Mrs. Astha Karlekar - July2013 (a daughter and disciple of Smt Savita Godbole )

Yearly events

  • ”Ashadhasya Pratahma Divase “ a program based on Varsha Rutu’s poetry , dedicated to the memory of Mahakavi Kalidas. Here students are supposed to present their own dance choreography .
  • Foundation Day i.e. 10 October is celebrated especially for solo recitals as to enhance the confidence of a student .
  • Annual Program includes participation of all the students in front of the audience.


  • A first batch of Diploma holders passed out in 2012
  • A second batch of Diploma holders passed out in 2014
  • Seniormost students were lucky anough to receive the blessings of Pt. Birju Maharaja jee by performing a duet in front of him ,once in Mumbai (June 2013) and once in Delhi (February 2015). Both the programs were organized by “kalashram” – maharaj jee’s Kathak Institute , Delhi .

Silver Jubilee

Silver Jubilee’s program was held on 20th Dec. 2015 in the presence and with the blessings of Guru Munnalal Shukla jee and Smt. Prabhatai Marathe jee along with Shri. Bharat Jangam and Shri. Ulhasdada Pawar, Pune. This program was followed by workshop “ Guru-Sannidhya” of Pt. Munnalal Shulka jee in Dec 2015, at NrityaKunjan.

A new branch of Nrityakunjan at PMC’s hall- Nana-Nani Park, Behind Ranka Jewellers, Baner,Pune from June 2017.

Nrityakunjan’s associated artists are

Shri Bharat Jangam - Tabla
Shri Sachin Pawgi – Tabla
Mrs. Sukhada Khire – Harmonium and Vocal
Mrs. Rashmi Bapat – Vocal
Miss Gauri Kate – Fine Artist and Graphic Designer
Shailani Software Solutions- Website development

Nrityakunjan’s journey of last 25 year was possible Just because of the blessings of Gurus – Pt. Birju Maharaj jee, Shri . Munnalal Shukla jee, Smt Prabhatai Marathe and Shri Bharat Jangam .

Nrityakunjan Will remain ever grateful to them and will expect the same moral courage and blessings form them in future …………………..

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