Various courses held at Nrityakunjan

Foundation Course (3 years) Age group 5 to 10 years

Foundation course includes basic steps and movements and their synchronization called Tukde and Tihais in simple forms. Different basic exercises, wrist movements along with some meaningful movements with expressions are taught to arouse interest in Bhav-Abhinay according to the level of student. Duration of this course is from 3 to 5 years.

Diploma course:

This is a 3 years’ course including practical as well as theory. Anyone who has basic training in Kathak and above 12 years of age is eligible to apply for this course.

Here Padhant or recitation of all technical things learnt by students is compulsory to present. Tabla and Harmonium accompaniment is provided to them. Nrityakunjan invites an external examiner for every annual exam. Student has to give a written theory examination also. After completing diploma course, Nrityakunjan launches a Solo Recital of a diploma holder in front of invited audience.

Degree Course:

This is a 3 years advanced course covering advanced practical and theory aspect. Anyone who has undergone Diploma training in Kathak and above 16 years of age is eligible to apply for the course. This course includes intricate part of technicality in different Taals and subtlety of Bhav-Abhinaya. Again, student has to appear for practical exam and theory exam which will be judged by experts. Here student is supposed to learn either Vocal or Tabla, as a additional subject. A Solo Recital of one hour is compulsory for student on the stage which will prove his/her professional quality.

Crash Course and Certificate course:

This is a 1 and ? years course especially designed for adults or ladies and foreigners.

Introducing Career – oriented course especially for 10th and 12th Std students.

Nrityakunjan Highlights

Though Kathak is basically a solo form of Dance, Choreography does play an important role in this form. That’s why group formations and choreography is also taught to the students according to their levels. Yet , emphasis is given on overall progress of a student to make him or her a good teacher and a performer. Students are benefitted from regular lecture demonstration by various artists associated with Nrityakunjan.


Students also have library period and screening VCD of eminent artists from time to time. Nrityakunjan conducts theory as well practical examination of Diploma and Degree courses. Musicians are provided to the students.

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